“The Seven Rules Of Selling”

By Thomas Ervin

In order for you to obtain the highest possible selling price for your home, you must work closely with your Realtor®. The seven rules of selling listed below comprise the items that a homebuyer can contribute to a successful marketing effort.

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Be Prepared To Spend Money Preparing Your Home For Sale

Many homeowners are very hesitant to invest additional money in their homes at the time they are selling it. Although understandable, these feelings may rob you of a much higher selling price.

Price It Right

Price your home in accordance with the current realities of your local real estate market. Ask your Realtor® for a competitive market analysis.

Cooperate With Your Kentucky Realtor®

Some homeowners limit the effectiveness of the Realtor® by prohibiting “for sale” signs, open houses, or lock boxes. Don’t eliminate any selling tools.

Keep Your Home In A State Of Readiness

You may not get much advance notice that potential buyers would like to see your home. Try to keep bedrooms, bathrooms, and the kitchen in “better than usual condition” so that you won’t panic when getting ready for a showing.

Maximize The Appeal Of Your Home During Showings

Turn the lights on even during daylight hours. Be sure that the house doesn’t have the odor of strong smelling foods. Let the Realtor® conduct the tour.

Be Willing To Consider A Price Reduction

Sometimes, the best way to get top dollar is to reduce your asking price. The original price may have been a little too ambitious or perhaps the interest rates or the local economy have changed since the original price was set.

Be a Reasonable Negotiator

Some owners become very emotional at the time an offer is made on their home. Don’t let these strong feelings cloud judgment when considering an offer.