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"Skip was great! He made this whole thing possible because we live out of state and he went Above and Beyond in every aspect."

Tiffany – Oct. 20, 2017

About Me

Put my knowledge and experience to work for you. My 30 years working with real estate in Lexington has helped me gain an intimate appreciation for the local market. I'm an easygoing person, but my conscientious and determined attitude will help you achieve your goals. Call me today, and we will get started.

"Skip was great! He made this whole thing possible because we live out of state and he went Above and Beyond in every aspect."

Tiffany –Oct. 20, 2017

"Very responsive to questions and issues arising during the home sales process. Couldn't ask for more!"

Tom –May. 24, 2017

"Skip is very professional.I will recommend him to the fullest."

William –Apr. 28, 2017

"My wife and I planned to sell our rental property (duplex) and knew that Skip had experience selling investment property. I contacted him by phone and he was extremely responsive. I wanted to know what the market was for this type of property in terms of demand and price. He provided comparable sales, an estimated price, plus the number of days that properties of this kind stayed on the market. This was valuable information for us in determining the list price. He had photographs taken of the property and listed it within a week of our initial meeting. The photographs and the description of the property presented our listing in a very favorable and truthful manner. At the last minute, he recommended increasing the list price by $10,000 with the caveat that we can always reduce the price quickly if there are no interested buyers. Within a week, we had three viewings and a scheduled viewing. We also received an offer, although the offer was 10% below our asking price. Skip recommended that we come down slightly, but stay close to the list price. He contacted the selling agent to explain that we had three viewings already including theirs and a very interested party planned to look at the property in the next several days. He told them we would accept an amount slightly below the list price and they had 12 hours to accept this non-negotiable price or we would continue to pursue other offers. The offer was accepted the next morning. My experience with Skip Hanson was excellent, not only because he sold the property at a price above our "must have" price, but because he was responsive, engaged in the process, and honest in all aspects of the transaction. He gave us realistic expectations, dealt honestly with the buyers and we always knew that he was working for us to get us the best possible price while communicating with us every step of the way. We can recommend Skip Hanson with no reservations."

Duncan Gardiner –Nov. 11, 2016

"Skip is an awesome person!"

Vanessa & Hannah –Mar. 31, 2016

"Skip went above the call of duty."

Jim –Feb. 29, 2016

"We loved the 24/7 availability,, the fact that he was so knowledgeable but would seek out every answer he didn't already have,, and how well and professionally he communicated between the buyers/sellers/bank/service men/etc."

Eric & McKenzie –Aug. 3, 2015

"Skip was always available,, answered all my questions,, and explained everything."

Patricia –Jun. 24, 2015

"We closed 28 days after going on the market--how could it get any better?"

Lance and Rebecca –Jul. 31, 2013

"Did a great job!"

Judith R. –Dec. 30, 1969