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"Rob Bolton has been wonderful to work with. "

David Powers – Mar. 11, 2019

About Me

When I was five Mom and Dad built a brand new home in a brand new neighborhood. We were one of the very first families in Cedar Village! As a result, I saw almost every home in our neighborhood built. I sat on the dirt piles watching the bulldozers dig new basements and smooth the yards. I awakened to the sound of the carpenters’ hammers framing up houses and the squeaky groan of the bricklayers’ mortar mixers. I loved the smell of new lumber, fresh asphalt and wet concrete (I may have even left a hand print or two). And of course, I remember meeting new neighbors, making friends, growing up playing ball until dark, then capture the flag and hide and go seek until finally Mom said to come home.

Little did I know then, my love of new home construction, new neighborhood life and watching homeownership happen over and over again were the seeds of what is now a 35 year love affair with Central Kentucky residential real estate. It’s my full time gig.

I have developed neighborhoods (Hartland and the Gardens of Hartland), I have built homes (Heritage Place and Prestwick), and I have sold new and existing residential real estate. I am inspired by the giddy joy of a young couple climbing onto the first rung of homeownership. I love watching a little girl run from corner to corner excitedly measuring the perimeter of her new bedroom. Equally, I enjoy the satisfaction of a couple, now “empty nesters”, putting the finishing touches on a great “move down” idea.

My clients will tell you I call back. I answer questions when I know the answer. When I don’t, I seek one out. They will say I like to laugh, meet them on their terms, treat them fairly and make this whole big idea of buying a home a good experience.

Let me do that with you too.... 

Ball Homes, LLC Builder Representative
Ball Homes, LLC

Ball Homes, one of America's top 100 Home Builders, has built over 20,000 homes in the bluegrass over the past 50 years. Ball Homes is a family owned and operated business incorporated in 1959 and based in central Kentucky. Ball Homes includes three divisions: new single family homes, property management (rental properties) and a development company that offers lots for sale to custom builders and individuals. As a consistent leader in Central Kentucky's single family homebuilding field, Ball Homes has been honored by BUILDER Magazine as one of the nation's top 100 single family homebuilders since 1998. As a community-oriented business, Ball Homes provides more than just houses. By providing affordable, appealing, quality homes, Ball Homes makes dreams come true. Because they understand that the choice of a place to call home is one of the most important decisions customers will make, Ball Homes strives to provide good value, a variety of choices, and excellent customer service. Ball Homes is committed to bettering the quality of life in Kentucky, not by only providing affordable housing but by supporting a number of organizations such as the Hope Center, the United Way, the American Cancer Society, the Lexington Humane Society, KET, and the Lexington Opera House. This site includes information about new single family homes and available rental homes. The search functions can help users find rental properties and new homes that best suit their lifestyles and needs.

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"Rob Bolton has been wonderful to work with. "

David Powers –Mar. 11, 2019

"Rob did a wonderful job. He was the consummate professional, consistently supportive, and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of our sale."

Tom Grieb –Nov. 1, 2018

"Rob is a great realtor and the ball team is also very good. I would recommend holding three contractors to a higher standard cause the detail finish work on our house was not 100% satisfying."

Fredrick Clark –Jun. 25, 2018

"Rob Bolton is an excellent realtor. He not only sold us our new home but he also sold our previous home in four days! He gave us advise on how to prepare our old home which is the reason we believe resulted in the quick sale. He kept us busy with potential buyers and gave feedback after showings. We had several issues with our new home and Rob addressed each of them until all issues were resolved to our satisfaction. Rob showed great patience and guidance throughout and we believe we couldn't have had a better realtor in what can be a very stressful time. We are finally in our new home and we are very happy!😊"

Mike Patrick –May. 7, 2018

"Rob went above and beyond in order for my wife and I to have an exceptional building experience through Ball Homes. Whether that was taking evening and weekend phone calls, coordinating with our superintendent on a regular basis, or resolving an issue/concern before we made a request; Rob did it right. It also goes without being said that his thoughtful and congenial nature put us at ease while we made major decisions surrounding our first home. For these reasons, we are extremely grateful. We have immediate family moving into Central KY in the coming year and have already made sure that Rob at Milestone will be involved in their building or buying process."

Clayton –Dec. 5, 2016

"Rob was great and always got back to me as soon as I reached out. Referred him to friends because he was a good choice for us"

Adam and Jade Hall –Oct. 13, 2016

"I have known Rob for many years, and he did a great job of taking care of me."

David –Feb. 7, 2016

"Rob did a great job representing Ball Homes on the selling agent side, and we really appreciated everything he did for us. He's certainly an asset to Milestone, and he worked well with our agent throughout the process."

Brad & Kasey –Feb. 3, 2016

"Rob was great to work with. He would give us updates and let us know what we should be thinking about well in advance. He would always answer our calls and emails, even after hours and over weekends. He was always ready and helpful whenever we had a thought, question, change, etc. Rob was fantastic. We didn't choose him, as he was the agent in the model home we toured. That said, we feel very lucky to have worked with someone so very knowledgeable about the building process."

Josh & Lyndsey –Feb. 1, 2016

"Can't thank Rob enough! His hands on attention to detail was exceptional! I recommend him to anyone thinking of selling."

Bill B. –Aug. 25, 2014

"Rob was the epitome of professionalism, helpfulness and dedication. Everyone should have such a good realtor!"

Gail and Gerald G. –Aug. 16, 2014