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"I have purchased a property from David and also recently sold one. Things went smoothly from start to finish as I expected they would. I have done business with David in other avenues of business as well. I would recommend him to anyone whether they are selling or buying a home."

Tim – Oct. 10, 2017

About Me

David has been a licensed Realtor since 1984 and a full time real estate professional for eighteen years. He has extensive experience with the sale and purchase of single family homes in the Central Kentucky area and has sold and closed over $130 million dollars worth of real estate. He is a Ball Homes Specialist for the Lexington area and has a great deal of experience with new construction. David uses his considerable experience to help homebuyers find the best home that meets their needs and price range, and follows through with honest, reliable, and knowledgeable service to help them acquire that home.

"I have purchased a property from David and also recently sold one. Things went smoothly from start to finish as I expected they would. I have done business with David in other avenues of business as well. I would recommend him to anyone whether they are selling or buying a home."

Tim –Oct. 10, 2017

"Communication could be improved, especially proactively communicating between buyers and building supervisors to prevent rework and potential issues."

Rachel –Sep. 19, 2017

"We were very disappointed with the level of communication we had with our agent: David Stewart. David was very charming at first and worked hard to get us a lot that was on hold at the time. Once the lot was taken off hold he worked hard to ensure we got the contract on that lot - for all of this we are very grateful. However, I feel like from then on communication was a struggle. From where I stand I feel like David was just too busy with other clients. It wasn't uncommon to contact David via text or email one morning and not hear back from him until 2 days later. Often times these reasons for communication were time-sensitive. Instead of relying on David to assist I had to take time off work to go address these issues. A few of the issues that were problematic: - Many items discussed during the lot walkthrough were not executed. Specifically the slope of the driveway and overall elevation of the house were not executed. I feel like David did not go to bat for me the way I would expect my agent to represent me. Instead, I had to push and push and push. I felt like I was up against Ball Homes as well as my real estate agent to get Ball Homes to fulfill what they had promised during the lot walk through. - When A/V guys needed to know the height of the deck out back in order to prepare for logistics it took David 5 days to reply. It took follow up emails (all documented) in order to finally get a response - On June 13 we noticed that the wrong type of archway was installed between the entry way and the dining room. We had communicated this a while back (unfortunately not documented on paper). When bringing this to David's attention he told us it would cost a $500 change fee and an additional $400 for materials/labor. He did not 1) take responsibility for lack of communication costing us or 2) try to go to bat for us with Ball Homes to alleviate those costs. We had to push and push in order to get a fair deal with this issue. - David originally communicated an 8/10 closing date on the house to us. Ball Homes even called to confirm that and set up walk through times. When visiting the house around July 20 I was notified by Bronnel that the closing date he received was 8/28. I immediately attempted to contact David to discuss this and he was "on vacation". I asked for him to assist or get someone that could and he said he would try. I didn't hear from him again for many days. I had to take off the rest of that day (lost revenue) and go up to Ball Homes and request to speak to someone about this. The amount of stress and hassle this caused to my pregnant wife and myself was absurd. These are things a real estate agent should have performed, not me. We communicated on many occasions our displeasure with David's performance. Through email and phone I had told David that I didn't think he was working hard for us and his reaction to us was to make us feel guilty for asking so much of him. I'm sorry, but those things he listed to us are as follows and are his *job* and not a favor: "I got you guys this lot (cashed in a huge favor with Ray Ball), made so many trips to selections, special meetings with superintendents, answered text and emails on late evenings and weekends and the list goes on…. I will tell you I am a frustrated that you are suggesting that I have not worked hard for you. I just begged the Ball’s to cut the cost down for us." I was very disappointed in David's work for us and would not recommend anyone use him as their agent in the future."

Chris –Sep. 5, 2017

"David is a great guy. Did a great job for me."

Tony –Jul. 24, 2017

"We had experienced disappointing results with out realtor from Berkshire Hathaway. After 10 months of futility, I severed that relationship and signed on with David. There was about a 2 month break between listings in order to give us time to make some changes to the house and allow us to move out to our new home. Prior to moving out, David provided timely and insightful recommendations on what tweaks we should consider to help move the house sooner. Once we were out, he held several Open Houses, reached out to prospective buyers, and put the energy into the effort that we had been seeking. Throughout this process, David kept me well informed and always had a high level of confidence, saying, "we are going to get this house sold". Once we had a buyer, David assisted in acquiring the trades necessary to tend to items found on the home inspection. Finally, closing could not have been carried out more efficiently or expediently. My only regret is that I should have retained David sooner in the process. I would recommend him to anyone interested in buying or selling a property; he is knowledgeable, reliable, energetic, and personable...the perfect agent."

Howard & Susan –May. 23, 2017

"David was great. He has been very patient with us as it took us 4 years to finally pull the trigger on a new home. Easy to reach, always open to talk, and was very helpful"

Chris –May. 5, 2017

"David was very responsive and did a great job getting my home sold! We had some bumps in the road with mother nature but he stuck with me. On my new home, David was a great resource in getting things done and in a timely fashion. He was very knowledgeable about the product in which he is selling including all the options available. I would highly recommend David to any family and friends for any real estate needs."

Anthony –Apr. 25, 2017

"Great real estate agent. Will highly recommend to others."

Tony –Apr. 17, 2017

"David provided excellent service and advice on the sell of my rental home."

Natasha & Steven –Sep. 3, 2015

"David did an excellent job! He provided excellent guidance,, worked extremely hard to make sure it sold,, and was always professional. This is the second time we have used David and will use him again if we come back to Kentucky."

Joshua & Amber M. –May. 3, 2015

"David Lee Stewart is the best!"

Gregory M. –Mar. 1, 2015