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Things To Do On a Road Trip

Have you ever felt like Clark Griswold whenever your family takes a road trip? Things don't go according to plan, you get lost, or the kids drive you crazy? As today is the busiest travel day of the year, we at Milestone Realty Consultants thought it would be appropriate to post a few ideas to keep the kids entertained and Mom and Dad’s sanity intact as you pass the time on the long car/plane/train ride to wherever your holiday festivities may be.


  • “Name That Tune”: A passenger in the car will hum the tune to a song and the other passengers need to guess what song it is.
  • “I Spy”: Use these printable cards to spot different items along your route. The first person to spot all the items on their sheet wins.


  • Use almost empty peanut butter jars to store apple slices or celery sticks. You’ll save valuable space by using less containers.
  • Use small shower caddies to contain meals for children. Each child will get their own caddie to put their drink, sandwich, and snack in for an easy-to-hold and juggle-free organizer.


  • Tie an over-the-door shoe organizer to the back of the front seats to keep small toys, crayons, and books in order and off the floor. The best part is that everything is right in front of the child, so they can reach it themselves, which means fewer distractions for the driver.

Do you have any other tips for a smooth road trip? Write a comment to let us know, or tell us on our Facebook page!

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