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Say So-Long to Sneezing!

Say So-Long to Sneezing

If you’re like me, you both love and dread this time of year. While I’m so excited for the warm weather, seasonal allergies can make even the sunniest of days seem miserable! Itchy, watery eyes, plus sneezy, runny noses equals a miserable mess! Luckily, there are simple changes you can make in your Kentucky home to keep the allergens down and your sinuses clear! Follow these steps to help minimize your symptoms.

1. Change your furnace filters regularly. Not only will new filters better trap dust, dander, and pollen, but it will help your HVAC system run smoother and longer. When you shop for filters, look for models designed to capture microscopic particles including bacteria, mold spores and pollen. Pleated filters increase the amount of surface area where these particles can be trapped.

Say So-Long to Sneezing

2. Wash your bedding. When we sleep, our dead skin and hair cells slough off and can stick on the fibers of our bedding. Wash your sheets and blankets on the hot water cycle at least every one or two weeks. For down comforters, wash them on the gentle cycle in warm water and throw a few tennis balls in with it so the feathers don’t clump together. Make sure your comforter is COMPLETELY dry before using it again to prevent the build-up of mold. If your washer or dryer isn’t big enough to handle it, you’re better off taking it to the dry cleaners.

3. Take your shoes off when you enter your house. By removing your shoes at the door, you can eliminate up to 70% of dirt and germs, like e Coli, being tracked through your home. Plus, by tracking in less dirt, you’ll save yourself time and money by not having to get the carpets cleaned all the time because you tracked mud across the living room floor! (We’ve all been there, trust me.)

4. Vacuum or mop at least once a week. We’ve all heard that vacuuming regularly is essential for keeping allergens at a minimum. Use a vacuum cleaner with a small-particle or a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter to trap particles and spores. You can also vacuum your furniture and curtains too. If you have hardwood, laminate, or linoleum flooring, use a sweeper or mop. For area rugs, take them outside, hang them over a fence or chair, and beat them out. You’ll be surprised how much dust gets shaken out, even if you vacuum regularly.

5. Get everyone in on the action! These tips won’t help reduce allergens in your home if no one knows to follow them! Get your family or roommates involved in the process. Explain to them why you want to make these tips a part of your weekly routine. Get everyone on board to help keep your home clean and clear all year long!

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