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Hurricane Ian Relief and How You Can Help

Hurricane Ian has touched down in Florida, bringing life threatening storms, powerful winds, and the possibility of flash floods. Most of Florida, and southern states, such as South Carolina and North Carolina have been affected by the hurricane. Sadly, Hurricane Ian has devastated people’s houses and belongings. We must all come together to help those in need. If you are looking to donate, here are some ways you can help.


American Red Cross is taking donations to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian. The American Red Cross program helps aid in disaster relief all throughout the country and even the whole world. Every single penny will go to help families during these trying times. If you are looking to donate, go to


Music Makes You Lose Control

Are you looking for the best and trendiest spot for Lexington and Bluegrass culture? Well, look no further than The Burl. Located in the heart of Lexington’s distillery district, The Burl is a one stop shop for food, live music, and games. Originally built in 1926 as a loading dock for Texaco Oil, The Burl has deep roots in Bluegrass and classic Americana culture, which provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their patrons today.


The menu for The Burl is full of classics such as a double patty smash burger and a pork belly Cubano. They also offer a fresh market salad, spicy noodles with chili sauce and onions, and a charred broccoli grilled cheese. Also, for you early birds out there, they offer an amazing brunch menu. Favorites such as a cinnamon roll with pecans, fluffy pancakes, and biscuits and gravy can be found. If you are looking for something a little different you can try their amazing breakfast burrito with steak, peppers, and potatoes or their...

2022 Essential Tailgating Tips

Football season IS HERE and we are SO excited! Why you ask? TAILGATING! There’s nothing better than gathering with your friends and family to get hyped for the upcoming game while playing cornhole, sharing laughs and enjoying the company! Turn up that music, eat a few wings and dance a little! There aren’t any rules to how you tailgate, the goal is to just have some fun!! But we’d love to share some tips with you on ways to BOOST your tailgating experience!


1. Bring your favorite speaker

Create a fun playlist on your phone and grab a good Bluetooth speaker for the outdoors. If there’s one thing that can bring your tailgate party up a few levels, it’s good music! Get your friends to dance along and break out of their shells. Most importantly, make sure it’s charged!


You absolutely cannot tailgate properly without the perfect finger food/munchie menu! If you’re hosting the party, you...