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Should You Skimp or Splurge?

There's no doubt that everybody loves getting a deal. Why would you pay more for something if you don't have to? With this philosophy in mind, you might think that less expensive products or deals might be a better option for your Kentucky home than a higher end or more expensive deals. That's not always the case. There are some things that you'll want to spend more money on to get a higher quality product or money-saving service. We've listed 4 items you should definitely pay a little more for. Should You Skimp or Splurge?


While changing the color of a room is one of the simplest ways to freshen up a room, resist the temptation to buy a cheap bucket of paint. The...

Lexington Restaurant Week: July 25-August 3

Today kicks off the first annual Lexington Restaurant Week!

Enjoy culinary delights from some of your favorite Lexington restaurants. Patrons can choose from a fixed price $25.00 multi-course meal. Several restaurants will offer two meals for $25.00.

2013 Lexington Restaurant Week Infographic


2013 Lexington Restaurant Week

Raise a glass (and a fork) to Lexington's inaugural Restaurant Week, July 25th-August 3rd. We've put together an infographic highlighting the over 40 participating restaurants. Whether you feel like dining upscale, or keeping it casual with some southern comfort food, these multi-course meals will give you lots of creative options to choose from!

2013 Lexington Restaurant Week Infographic

For Restaurant Week Dinner Menus or more information, visit the Beyond Grits website....

Protecting Your Pets This Summer

Summertime in Central Kentucky is a perfect time for pet owners. You’re able to walk, run, play, and swim outside more than any other time of the year. Unfortunately, summer also poses threats to our four-legged friends. As the temperatures rise it is important to keep your pet(s) comfortable and healthy. Here are a few summertime dangers for pets and tips for protecting them.

  • How would you like to be wearing a thick fur coat during the summer? That’s exactly what it feels like for our canine and feline companions. If your pet gets too warm, the threat of heat stroke is great. Heat stroke occurs when your dog’s body temperature rises dangerously high. It can be deadly to your pet, but it is easily avoidable. It is most common when dogs are left in a car for too long, or when they exercise in the heat. Symptoms of heat stroke include panting, lethargy, drooling, fever, vomiting and collapse. Breeds with shorter noses (such as Pugs, Shih Tzus, Pekingese,...

Central Kentucky's July 4th Celebrations

Central Kentucky July 4th Celebrations

Lots of events are going on this week for the July 4th holiday. Here’s a list of the events going on around Central Kentucky!


4th of July Spectacular, Thursday, July 4th from 5pm-9pm Fireworks, children’s activities, and live entertainment will be held throughout the evening. Activities will be held at Berea City Park. At 7:00pm, visit the Jammin’ on the Porch session at Cabin Porch. Bring your instrument and join in with other local artists in an impromptu jam session....

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