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Keys To Buying A House In The Current Real Estate Market

Keys To Buying A House In The Current Real Estate Market  

By: Taylor Hatton

        The current Lexington Real Estate market can be a buyer's nightmare right now. There are an immense amount of buyers and not enough houses being put on the market. So this means quick turnaround times from the listing upload to when it goes under contract. But there are ways to maneuver through the market and increase your chances of finding your perfect home in this volatile market. 


        The first key thing you need to know in this market is that you MUST know what you want. You need to have already weighed out your...

5 Fun Springtime Ways To Decorate Your Home

5 Fun Springtime Ways to Decorate Your Home

By Taylor Hatton

       Spring has sprung and the weather is starting to turn beautiful. It is time to start decorating your home. Whether it is decorating your front porch or expanding your garden, there are a lot of fun ways to spruce up your house this spring. 


  • Umbrella Door Hanger

       Looking for a fun springtime way to greet your neighbors? Check out this fun and easy DIY trinket that is an eyecatcher. It makes everyone in the neighborhood feel cordial and is welcoming to anyone who stops by. 


The 7 Best Things To Do In Lexington Kentucky

The 7 Best Things to do In Lexington 

By: Taylor Hatton


       Lexington Kentucky is a beautiful city with a vast array of places to visit. There are charming rural landscapes and a bustling city life. Whether you are new to Lexington or a local looking for something fun and exciting to do on the weekend. This is your one stop shop for the best that Lexington has to offer. 

       Keeneland is home to some of the most beautiful sights Central Kentucky has to offer. The racehorse track was founded in 1936. Keeneland has been entertaining the Bluegrass for almost 100 years. You can bring your whole family to Keeneland and experience...