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Milestone Warriors

We were pleased to host our annual dinner for the Milestone Realty Consultants Top Producer’s at The Blue Heron in downtown Lexington last evening. 

This year, our focus was on celebrating and lifting up our Realtors, who not only survived the economic downturn, but persevered and performed at an optimum level, while many others in our industry were forced to seek alternative employment and revenue sources. What is it that causes some to rise to the top in the face of adversity?  What gives a top Salesperson their “fire in the belly” to continue to strive for success when the odds are stacked against them from many angles?  Several words came to mind when discussing these phenomenal Realtors.  Fearless, Dedicated, Determined, Loyal, Trustworthy are just a few.

Please watch our video of celebration as we congratulate Milestone’s finest agents! 


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