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Let It Go...

Gloved Hand Cleaning Window With Rag

Spring is right around the corner, and we are definitely ready to do some spring cleaning. What is it about the spring air that makes us want to clean out our entire house? Whatever it is, we love how refreshed we feel after it's all said and done. To help with some spring cleaning we've compiled a list of 50 (yes FIFTY!!) things you can throw out right now, and we promise you won't miss any of them!

1. Spare contact lens cases - Keep one and throw the rest out!

2. Broken costume jewelry - It's not worth fixing...Throw it out and replace it!

3. Dictionaries - How thick is the layer of dust that's covering yours right now?

4. Wrinkled wrapping paper - You're never going to use it, so what's the point in keeping it?

5. Latex paint (if it's more than a year old)

6. A bread machine - We know you had high hopes, but let's be honest here...When was the last time you used it?

7. VHS workout tapes - Does your VHS player even still work!?

8. Manuals for appliances and electronics - They're all online now!

9. Cookbooks you've cracked open once - Most recipes can be found on Pinterest now!

10. Random vacuum cleaner attachments - If you haven't figured out how to use these yet, you're just not going to!

11.Old remote controls - If you don't recognize it, throw it out!

12. Scrunchies that have lost their scrunch - They're not even functional!

13. Incomplete decks of playing cards - We're all guilty of this one!

14. Bridesmaid dresses - Face it. You're never going to find an occasion to wear them again!

15. Take out menus - Once again, they're all online now!

16. Picture frames with broken easel backs

17. Road maps - Do people even have these anymore? Use the GPS on your phone!

18. Mixtapes - Keep all your music on your phone!

19. Unidentifiable keys - Are you just hoping that one day they'll open a magic door?

20. Almost empty bottles of bubbles - Who doesn't finish these off in one use anyway?

21. In-line skates - Just leave them back in the 90's.

22. Contents of goodie bags from kids' parties - It's all junk!

23. Impossible puzzles no one has ever finished - Just admit that they're bound to be missing pieces anyway.

24. Free gifts from cosmetic purchases - If you haven't used them yet, you're not going to!

25. Orphan mittens - ....That should be a given.

26. Travel guidebooks - Have we mentioned a little thing called the Internet yet?

27. Chargers for old electronics 28. Wire hangers from the dry cleaner - They're bad for your clothes anyway!

29. Dusty potpourri - You're not living in your grandma's house.

30. Chopsticks & soy sauce packets - They'll always bring more when you order again!

31. Your "fat" clothes

32. Carpet remnants - What are you saving these for??

33. Filled coloring books - What's the point of keeping these?

34. Stretched out bras - Treat yourself to some new ones!

35. Anything with an antenna - Come join us with some new age technology!

36. Scratched nonstick pans - They're more trouble than they're worth.

37. Prescription glasses that are no longer your prescription - Keep one emergency pair and throw the rest out!

38. Umbrellas with bent or broken spokes - They're useless!

39. Allen wrenches from DIY furniture

40. Checkbook registers - When was the last time you balanced your checkbook?

41. Disposable cameras

42. Musical instruments no one plays anymore

43. Business cards - Look people up online!

44. Smelly towels - Once they start stinking, there's no turning back.

45. Fishbowls

46. Fancy loose teas you received as a hostess gift - If you haven't drank it yet, you're not going to!

47. The Yellow Pages - One word: Internet

48. Soccer uniforms the kids have outgrown - Have a nostalgic moment and then toss those suckers!

49. Vases that came with delivered flowers

50. Commemorative spoons and plates - What do people think you're actually going to do with these things?

Take our advice and just toss this stuff. You'll feel so much better after you do!

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