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2023 Home Design Trends

There are lots of new trends starting to make their way into our homes in 2023.  If you are looking to renovate your home, this is the blog for you.

The first major trend we’re seeing this year is the return of bold colors. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a major increase in neutral colors—think greys, whites, and light browns. Now we are seeing colors in the wheelhouse of greens, blues and teals, and bright reds and pinks. These are tectonic changes we are seeing, which could be a psychological change in the masses wanting to look to a brighter future after the past few years.

Bringing the outdoors indoors has been a growing trend in the younger homeowner demographic. Pots and plants have found their way into living rooms and kitchens across the nation. This trend started in the apartment scene. With little outdoor space and greenery to be had, renters have been bringing a slice of Mother Earth into their apartment lifestyle. Now those renters are transitioning into homebuyers and that aesthetic has followed them into their new homes.

Another trend we’ve seen recently is a rise in 60s and 70s influence in home décor. No, we are not talking about cheap wallpaper and lava lamps. 😉 Home style really hit a peak during this era due to a lot of social and political influences. It’s no surprise that current homeowners are looking back and pulling interior styles and modernizing those to create something special. Nostalgia has always been a big trend, but this mix of old and new styles to create something unique is what people are getting excited about in 2023!

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