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2022 Essential Tailgating Tips

Football season IS HERE and we are SO excited! Why you ask? TAILGATING! There’s nothing better than gathering with your friends and family to get hyped for the upcoming game while playing cornhole, sharing laughs and enjoying the company! Turn up that music, eat a few wings and dance a little! There aren’t any rules to how you tailgate, the goal is to just have some fun!! But we’d love to share some tips with you on ways to BOOST your tailgating experience!


1. Bring your favorite speaker

Create a fun playlist on your phone and grab a good Bluetooth speaker for the outdoors. If there’s one thing that can bring your tailgate party up a few levels, it’s good music! Get your friends to dance along and break out of their shells. Most importantly, make sure it’s charged!


You absolutely cannot tailgate properly without the perfect finger food/munchie menu! If you’re hosting the party, you must have a spectacular buffet prepared! While the weather is still warm outside, grilling hamburgers and hot dogs is the way to go. Don’t go light on the toppings either! The more, the better! Bring em’ all! Once the weather starts to bring on the chill, get that chili in a crockpot and head to the field! There’s seriously nothing better than a nice, warm bowl of chili on a cool, fall day. And hey, don’t forget those side dished y’all! Those are a must!! Chips/dip and sliders are a great addition to some tasty crockpot chili.

3. Games

You CANNOT show up to a tailgate and not have corn hole. Period. Start up a tournament while you wait for kickoff. We also suggest trying out tailgate bingo. Whether you print them off online or create your own, tailgate bingo is loads of fun for the whole family.


Oh, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for sweet puppies in jerseys or the home team’s mascot walking around. Great photo opportunities!

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