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2014: The Year of the Hi-Tech / Hi-Touch App

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Recognizing the tremendous impact mobile technology has had on the real estate industry in recent years, it’s imperative for Realtors to keep an eye on the trends as we enter the new year. Despite concerns that technology has removed the personal touch from an industry founded on relationships, mobile has actually enabled real estate professionals to spend more time working out in the field by providing them with access to critical data right at their fingertips. Realtors are more accessible than ever, as less time at the office has created more opportunities for face-to-face interaction.

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ComScore reports that 85% of overall time spent on mobile devices takes place within apps. The top 10 apps included in the attached infographic (created by the Enterprise Network) are wonderful productivity tools and support ComScore’s findings. However, I see a tremendous opportunity in 2014 for real estate pros to leverage Hi-Tech / Hi-Touch apps as well.

Here are three apps that can be utilized by real estate pros to personalize the service experience and wow their clients:

1: Mosaic

Mosaic is an app that allows you create photo album books directly from your phone. The app is elegantly designed and delivers a whimsical user experience. Mosaic is a perfect gift for a seller or buyer and is a wonderful way to showcase a home. As stated on the Mosaic website, “Mosaic is something entirely new. It's the photos you just took. It's an app that's fast and seamless. It's a first of its kind book delivered to your door. It's something you'll love.” Mosaic is available for iOS and Android. You can learn more here.

2: iPhoto

The updated iPhoto app by Apple is chock-full with features to bring your photographs to life. However, one of my favorite features is the ability to create custom photo prints. Creating a personalized card for your clients is a perfect combination of Hi-Tech / Hi-Touch. The app is simple to use - just upload your photos and the high quality prints are shipped directly to you.

3: ShutterCal

ShutterCal is a photo project platform with endless possibilities. In general, beautiful prints are delivered each month for your photo box. The ‘photo box’ is a modern take on the old familiar shoebox that was once a popular storage bin for storing Polaroids and other prints. ShutterCal embraces a Hi-Tech / Hi-Touch model and is worth checking out. You can learn more here.

I’m fascinated with the process of utilizing Hi-Tech tools to create and deliver Hi-Touch, thoughtful, real-life items. Real estate is an industry built on people and relationships. It’s important to remember the ‘Hi-Touch’ in this Hi-Tech world we live in.  

Written by: Tom Flanagan the Vice President of Marketing and Technology at Residential Properties Ltd. and a Syndicated Technology Columnist at Inman News. Steve Readey is the Marketing Specialists at Residential Properties Ltd.

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