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Christy Rock
Christy Rock
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I would be at a loss in my real estate business without my phone. But I’m an "expert"; just ask my dad. Growing up with 3 teenage daughters in the house, he was generous to add a second phone line with call-waiting. My two sisters used their line as normal teenagers do.
And then there was me.
I was often accused of tying up all 4 lines. I confess--I often did.
Licensed since 2012, I strive to be the "expert" my clients need. Buying and selling for some people is fun and exciting, but for others it can be overwhelming. Even just the idea of looking at houses isn't always fun. But that's where I come in...
My time is dedicated to searching the neighborhoods, areas, and locations my clients are looking for. I do not rest until I've found the answers my buyers and sellers need to make the most informed decisions. I also provide a wealth of resources, ranging from appraisers, lenders, contractors, and inspectors to help make their process as stress-free as possible.
Yes, I'm an "expert" with the phone. But my dad thinks I'm a pretty good real estate agent too.