Vice Presidential Debates held at Danville's Centre College Milestone Blog

Vice Presidential Debates held at Danville’s Centre College

October 10th, 2012

The Central Kentucky town of Danville will be in the national spotlight this week as Centre College plays host to the 2012 Vice Presidential debate on October 11, 2012.

This will be the only time to see both of the 2012 Vice Presidential candidates answer the same questions and respond to each other’s arguments in real time. ABC’s news Chief Foreign Correspondent Martha Raddatz with be the moderator for the debate. This will be the second of four general election debates.

This isn’t the first time the small college was in the news. This is the second debate that the school has hosted. The first was for the 2000 Vice Presidential Debate between Democrat Joe Lieberman and Republican Dick Cheney.

The general public can watch the Vice Presidential Debate via a live televised broadcast on the Festival Lawn and enjoy programs and performances throughout the day starting at noon.

Whatever your political views, it’s exciting to see our state play a special part in our nation’s history!

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