Welcome New Agents! >>

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We have had some new and exciting additions to our office recently! Please welcome Larisa Musiyaka and Eric McAnallen! Larisa Musiyaka Real estate - most importantly is my passion, committing to every client personally. Helping you to define your goals; needs, wants and dreams when buying a new home, looking at schools and resale possibilities. I am extremely attentive to details. I strive to go above & beyond for every client with…

Talk Derby to Me >>

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It’s officially Kentucky’s favorite time of the year! The Keeneland Spring Meet has been going strong, and the Kentucky Derby is right around the corner! Not only does the Kentucky Derby ignite so much excitement around the race in Louisville, but it inspires some amazing Derby themed parties all over the world! We love putting together parties – especially parties with a fun theme! Today we’re gathering some of the…

Let It Go… >>

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Spring is right around the corner, and we are definitely ready to do some spring cleaning. What is it about the spring air that makes us want to clean out our entire house? Whatever it is, we love how refreshed we feel after it’s all said and done. To help with some spring cleaning we’ve compiled a list of 50 (yes FIFTY!!) things you can throw out right now, and…

Milestone Top 5 – February Edition >>

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Get ready for Milestone’s first Top 5 blog post! For the past month, we have been reaching out to all of our social media followers asking them to weigh in on a very important matter: What is everyone’s favorite spot in Lexington to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We asked, you answered, and now we’re giving you the Milestone community’s favorites! Malone’s - (859) 335-6500 Everyone has a red letter moment in their lives….

The Game to Play During the Big Game >>

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Are you all ready for this year’s Super Bowl? Are you a Broncos fan or will you be rooting for Carolina? We know that most of us will be attending fun Super Bowl parties on Sunday, and we have a feeling that you guys will be too! Here is a fun game called Football Pool that we always like to play during the big game. It brings the whole competition…

Welcome! >>

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It’s been such a crazy couple of months that we haven’t even gotten to introduce some of our newest agents to you guys yet! Without further ado, here are five of our latest and greatest agents! Rekha Palli - 859-396-4186 Originally for India. She moved to the United States in 1988. Lived in Lexington since 2002. Attended Gwynedd Mercy University in Gwynedd Valley, PA & got her B.S. in Computer Information…

The Taste of January >>

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Are you needing a fun pick me up now that winter has set in on our Central Kentucky region? Well, we have it for you today! We have gathered a list of produce that taste better during the month of January than they do in any other month. Make it a fun afternoon activity to try all of these before their time has passed! Meyer lemon: Switch up your main squeeze…

Gift Guide for the New Homeowner >>

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Friends! Are you a last minute shopper like most of us around here? Do you have a friend or relative in your life that just bought a new home? The last thing your new homeowner friend needs is another bottle of champagne or bouquet a flowers. Honestly, they probably don’t even know where their glasses or a vase are! We’ve compiled a group of gifts that we are loving right…

Unbridled Holiday Spirit >>

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Get ready for an onslaught of holiday posts, ladies and gentlemen! Around here, we are so excited that holiday season is upon us. And who can blame us? With all of the amazing things going on in and around Lexington, it’s almost impossible to not get excited. We’ve compiled a list of all of the best things to do in Lexington this holiday season, so check it out and get…

6 Ways to Use Cranberry Leftovers >>

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Around the Thanksgiving holiday, people post tons of recipes all over the place about how to use up that leftover turkey you have or stuffing or rolls. But what about the cranberries? They’re delicious and, in our opinion, very underrated! Here are a few unique ideas on how to use up those extra cranberries! 1. Use your leftover cranberries to top pancakes or oatmeal for a special twist on your…